We help healthcare practitioners work efficiently and enhance patient care.

Our cloud-based technology is cost-efficient, fast and secure. It enables better patient care.

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Grow your practice with Clinalytics.

Our focus is to bring innovation that is geared to grow your practice and enhance patient care. Our cloud-based healthcare technology platform offers an all-in-one practice management platform to create patient records, store and analyse this patient data, thus enabling smooth running of your practice.

Our Product Key Features

Digital Patient File Management.

Keep track of patient information for better relationship and service offering.

Patient Health Record Analysis

Get a simplified instant analysis of each patient’s health status, through our data driven tech analysis. Get all the info before you treat the patient.

Efficient Practice Management

Efficiently run your practice, as all the administration can now be centralized, and can be accessed on any digital device.

Our Services

Cloud-Based Medical Records software

Simplifying all the administration of your practice through technology.

Healthcare Business Consulting

Benefit from our years of experience in the healthcare industry, business and management.

Why Choose Us

We have a strong background in Medical Science and Information Systems & Technology. We are here to help you best integrate technology in your practice, to best serve your patients and efficiently run your practice


Efficiency Gurenteed

Our system ensures that the patient gets the best and seamless service from the front desk to when they leave the practice. 




Lifetime Practice Support

As long as you are still with us, we are with you. We offer personal technical support supplemented by over the phone and electronic help, all geared to ensure the success of your practice.


Cloud Based Technology

Be sure never to lose any patient files. Safe & Secure, accessible on any device




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We are a technology company that helps Healthcare providers to best deliver world-class healthcare treatment to their patients.